Housing Finance Corporation

What is a Housing Finance Corporation? Why do we have a Housing Finance Corporation? What does the Housing Finance Corporation do? Does the City fund the HFC? A Housing Finance Corporation (HFC) is a public, non-profit corporation organized under Chapter 394 of the Texas Local Government Code. HFCs essentially provide a means to finance affordable residential development for local governments. Rowlett City Council voted to approve incorporation of the Rowlett HFC on July 11, 2017. The Rowlett HFC promotes residential ownership and development through the financing of projects and programs that are of long term economic benefit to the city and its residents. HFCs are standalone corporations. Although they perform essential governmental functions, they are not directly funded through the city’s coffers. HFCs may issue debt (through the sale of bonds), but the debt is not directly tied to the city and does not affect the city’s bond capacity or rating.

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