Dr. Steven Leatherwood

Office of the Chief
Title: Chaplain
Phone: 972-412-6202

Dr. Steven Leatherwood is the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Rowlett. He also serves on a voluntary basis as the department's Chaplain. Over the last several years, he has assisted officers within the department and citizens of the community when they have been confronted with tragedy and grief.

His duties include but are not limited to:
  • Counseling other members of the department
  • Counseling the families of peace officers and other departmental personnel
  • Visiting sick and injured officers and departmental personnel in home and hospital
  • Making death notifications
  • Providing assistance to victims
  • Serving as liaison with other clergy in community
  • Furnishing expert answers for religious questions
  • Offering prayers at special occasions such as recruit graduations, award ceremonies, etc.
  • Serving on various committees within the department
  • Dealing with transients and the homeless

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