Open Records Request Form

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The information above will be used for correspondence from the Rowlett Police Department and the Texas Attorney General's Office regarding your request. Incorrect or incomplete information will result in a substantial delay in processing your request.

Information Being Requested
BE SPECIFIC. Failure to list specific information may result in a delay. Not all fields are required; however, providing more information will help expedite the process.

By law, the Rowlett Police Department has up to ten BUSINESS days in which to review and respond to open records requests. If the incident about which I have requested information is pending litigation, you will receive only the portion that is required by law to be released. Additionally, in lieu of releasing the information, the Rowlett Police Department may request an opinion from the Office of the Attorney General regarding procedure.

There will be a $0.10 per page copy charge and you will be contacted if the charge exceeds $40.00.